Wooden Stopper/
Choking Wood

Wooden Stoppers are commonly used as a product protection. It serves as a protective cap for fragile items, preventing breakage and damage during shipping and handling. They can also be used to secure machineries, build items, or even use for lorry tire to prevent moving.

Pallet Platform

Excellent way to raise up machineries to desire height, prevent flood or even act as a stage platform. We built according to your needs.

In-house Transport

We have both 28 feet & 17 feet lorry available for in-house transportation. Owning our own transportation will help us lower down the cost to customer and provide more control over timely delivery.

Plastic Pallet

Commonly used in F&B and Pharmaceutical companies as it is 100% pest free, clean and durable. We provide New and used plastic pallet for customers in various sizes.

Palbox Industrial Supply

Why Choose Us

Quality control & assurance
Fast delivery – in-house transport
Customized to your needs
Over 30 years’ experience in packaging industry
More stable price as we have direct source from local saw-miller
Offer large size product as we have large range of raw material sizes

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